I feel a need for emotionally-coded war cries:

"HAMSTERBAAAAAALL!": I cannot be around any more people right now, so I am retreating into my introvert's hamster ball. Talk to you later!

"OCTOPUUUUUS!": Trying to get this assignment done on deadline is like trying to sprint down a muddy mountain trail while trying to stuff an angry octopus into a burlap sack. TTYL!

"FREEEEEDOOOOOOM!": I probably just removed a particularly uncomfortable brassiere. I probably do not think I'm re-enacting a historically inaccurate movie about William Wallace.

"SPOOOOON!": I might need more spoons. Or I have just found one. Or I'd like to cuddle but I'm failing to use an inside voice to ask. Or I feel a close existential kinship with The Tick.

"COFFEEEEEE!": Hey, is that coffee? I quite like coffee. May I have some?

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