i will give you one little kiss for every
eyelash i have and all the ones i used to have that fell
out along the way or whenever i cleaned my mascara off too

and if anyone ever cut you in half with
a sword i would still be ok because i think there is a
smaller jeffrey inside of you

and he'd sit on my shoulder and tell me
things were ok, but i wouldn't let anyone cut him, because
you're not a russian doll or anything and just have the one,

Dear you,

I'm going in for a PET/CT scan and outpatient surgery here in the next few weeks. PET scan is on October 8th, surgery isn't scheduled yet.

I have an "enlarged supraclavicular lymph node" that was biopsied back in July. It unfortunately is still getting bigger,and now seems to have a couple of outriders. The biopsy came back negative - "no malignant cells identified".

However, since it's still growing, my oncologist has recommended that the mass be completely removed. I don't yet know if it'll be done by my regular surgeon, or an ENT. The PET scan jams me full of glucose, and looks for unusual metabolic activity, in case there's something happening that we can't see. Bravo for modren technology, and all that.

There's no other signs that I have a cancer recurrence. I do a blood test about every six months called CA15-3 that's a blood marker for people who've had advance stage breast cancers, and that number has been staying consistently low. This is good. We like good. Good is...well, good. Sorry, not feeling very eloquent at the moment.

So I'm not feeling particularly stressed out about the whole thing. Both docs think that there are pretty low odds that the biopsy could have missed something malignant, and the nodes are tender and sore, which cancerous ones generally aren't - that points more towards some type of inflammation. Still, surgery right behind my right collarbone is giving me a mild case of the willies.

In the mean time, it might rain here today, which would be the end of harvest season, and the beginning of autumn. I'm looking forward to the first fire in the fireplace, and actually wearing a sweater. Last time I wore one was in Ontario, in August. Davis summers don't generally require insulation.

Be good, have fun, yours is a glorious country, Honeychurch!

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