1636 Harvard University is founded by an act of the General Court of Massachusetts Bay Colony.

1793 Eli Whitney applies for a patent for his cotton gin.

1886 The Statue of Liberty is dedicated in New York Harbor by President Cleveland.

1914 Jonas Salk is born.

1919 Congress passes the Volstead Act, or National Prohibition Act, over President Woodrow Wilson's veto of the previous day.

1922 Fascism comes to Italy as Benito Mussolini takes control of the government.

1940 Italy invades Greece during WWII.

1944 Dennis Franz is born.

1952 Annie Potts is born.

1955 Bill Gates is born.

1963 dolphinboy and Lauren Holly are born.

1965 The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is completed, and Pope Paul the Sixth issues a decree absolving Jews of collective guilt for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

1967 Julia Roberts is born.

1974 Joaquin Phoenix is born.

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