Given as I've now created everything, having probably put in the busiest week in eternity, I'm now ready to put in My final creation: Man. It's the final touch to my idea... They said I couldn't do it, that I was too surrounded by beautiful angels and cherubs to get off my arse and do something constructive - well, this week's proved them wrong.

Well, Adam's running round quite happily, and fortunately doesn't realise that it's such a cliché to give him a name beginning with A.

Adam says it's all kind of neat, but he's kinda lonely. I told him some story 'bout whipping out a rib to make him a companion, but all I really needed were some skin scrapings so I could clone him, then a little hard radiation to make them not identical. But hey, you've got to make it look good, haven't you!

Well, let's just say they're now putting the rabbits to shame...

They say sex makes you hungry... What? She's eating from the tree of life? And Adam's waving the Sword of Truth like He-man? Oh no...

God created the universe, but Nate created Everything

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