The occasional log by li? Yeah... Journal? Ha. First for everything.

Up nights. Philosophy. Village. 6 billion. Good guys. Bad guys. Why be truthful? Be the upstanding person? Trustworthy. Mayor material. Village medicine man.

What constitute good guy? Does he lie less? How can he live with the lies around him?

Different tact: If we all lie, and there are truths. What do you call the mix... Life? Multiple truths? So what's singular truth? What's universal? Common sense? What lasts?

Anyway, I can't just go out and start becoming objectionable. Like Liar Liar.

Dreams. Overslepted. Sorry. Ate lunch instead.

Dreams of bookstore. Shelfing is normal. But it's a dream. So the gang had a table with grapes. We broke them up into little strings instead of a big bunch. Fun. You remember?

Dreams of reading. Teen years. Same recuring one. Girl. Me. Books. Big crush in real life. But just reading at her house. Mom baked bread. But dream. So REALLY REALLY cluttered kitchen. Couldn't find the bread almost.

We eat. Talk to her. Shared thoughts. Simple. But important.

What'd she...

Why not attend church? That's the question.

*****. Her name. ***** it's been a while. We are in our 20s now. I went to school. You too. Didn't go to church. Missed it? Can. But didn't. Cool being unfaithful. Neat. New. Matured though. For you I go back.

Dream talk. She's older now. Probably married in real life. Lost the string and the tin cans. Will not meet again.

It's been 10 days. This flu. Thinking of mortality, not super-bug. Thinking of things not done yet.

Thinking of doing special things with people I have yet to meet and love.

Thinking that I miss church.

Horrified of the lucid thinking upon waking.

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