Your whispers
Tear me down
Cast me adrift
In the seas of this place
With a smile on your face
You cast me down
To the oceans below

To find my way home
To me and my own
To fight off the clones
I'm not alone

This still-moving sound is drawn on my heart
I go back to square one, I go back to the start
And I'm not alone when the deep oceans part
I'm not alone

The memories
I try to hide
Tear me open inside
Eyes on the sign
Step forward in time
To the mountains high
To the oceans deep

In the space between sleep
Where no-one's can see
In the dark realms of me
I can be free

The words of the wind have long since been spoken
The mast, superstrong, has long since been broken
And I'm not alone in this deep ocean
I'm not alone

For sight of I, she'll wait on the beach
Until all things reunite and regret their release
And I'm not alone in the great oceans deep
I'm not alone


This writeup has gotten a few downvotes, so I thought I should perhaps explain it a little bit. I wrote it about my grandmother's death, about this time last year. I compared my feelings about the event to my feelings when my uncle and mother died. Both of those times I felt very alone. When Gran died I didn't, because I was on much better terms with my family and in a stable relationship, so I had people to turn to.

The first stanza is my shock. The voice (whispers) of my grandmother echoing in my mind and my heart, throwing me down into the ocean of my own emotions. The second stanza is about how her death seemed to tie me closer to other members of my family, united in grief. The third stanza is my pledge to always remember her.

The fourth stanza tells of her funeral. I'd never been a pallbearer before and I was terrified of stumbling (step forward in time). To keep from crying, all through the service I concentrated on this sign on the back of the seat in front of me about hearing aids (eyes on the sign).

The penultimate stanza is more complex than it may appear. At first I found it impossible to write of her death, and I feared that there were no words left in me. In fact, for months afterwards I wrote nothing. I felt that everything that was strong in me had been torn down.

The final stanza speaks of my hope for an afterlife, my hope that one day I will be reunited with loved ones lost.

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