Obreption has an ecclesiastical meaning as well. Basically it is a canonical term applied to a type of fraud by which a rescript is obtained.

The handing out of graces are not to be granted unless there be some motive for requesting them, and the law of the Church requires that the true and just causes that lie behind the motive be stated in every prayer for such dispensation or grace. When the petition contains a statement about facts or circumstances that are fictitious or at least, modified if they really exist, the resulting rescript is said to be violated by obreption.

Basically a Catholic term used as a backdoor for ecclesiastical rescripts.



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Ob*rep"tion (?), n. [L. obreptio, fr. obrepere, obreptum, to creep up to; ob (see Ob-) + repere to creep.]


The act of creeping upon with secrecy or by surprise.



2. ScotsLaw

The obtaining gifts of escheat by fraud or surprise.



© Webster 1913.

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