Obliterate Everything 2 is a Real Time strategy browser game and presumably a sequel to Obliterate Everything. The plot, in so far as I can tell, is that you are trying to take over the universe and in the pursuit of this goal you travel through outer space and destroy every thing that isn't your signature shade of blue. I think it's the same shade of blue from Age of Empires. The game is broken up into individual battles where you face off against another color, say orange. You and Orange each start with a home base on predetermined points in a star field with, sometimes with asteroids or space junk, and begin building stuff to kill the each other. Buildings fall into three types, spawnners, turrets, and auxiliary.

    Spawnners create space ships which can vary in size and power but all behave the same, fly to the nearest enemy and open fire. They come in three sizes. The smallest of spawnner is the fighter deck. It takes up one space, costs 50 Energy and makes fighters, Bombers, interceptors, gunships and others I haven't unlocked. The middle sized spawnner is the star dock, costing three hundred energy, and taking up two by two on the grid. It creates destroyer, light carriers, carries, and the like. The last and largest at three by three grid squares and costing a whopping 1500 energy is the Star Port. It makes monsters like battle ships, Beam Halos, and super carriers. The star docks and star port also feature some turrets giving them some utility apart from the spawning. Each unit has an associated energy cost but you only pay it once when setting the unit to be spawned and then they just spawn at a regular rate. On a give mission you can only build three ships from the fighter deck, three from the star dock, and two from the star port. This can necessitate different load outs for different situations.
    Turrets are the second type of structure and they are exactly what they sound like: fixed structures that shoot. They come in several varieties, beam, missile, cannon, blaster, double blaster, double cannon, mining, repair, and many more. Each has an associated cost and places where they do and do not excel. Beam have great range but limited rate of fire and cost a lot, Blaster are cheap as hydrogen but do next to no damage. Turrets aren't hard to understand. You can only have seven at a time which isn't very limiting by the time you're half way through the game.
    Auxiliary unit are the things that don't fit into either of the other categories, generators, reactors, barricades, shields, and constructors. Generators create energy which is the only resource in the game. Reactors create ten times more energy but cost five times more to construct. Barriers are walls that you can erect in space and which block all kinds of projectiles. I thank God that none of the aliens that have perfected space flight also have walls because they are the biggest advantage Earthlings have. Shields are force fields, some aliens have this but it's inferior to barriers. ALL PRAISE ALUMINUM SIDING, IT IS OUR SALVATION! The last structure, constructors, requires some explanation. All of the structures mentioned just poof into existence with no build time. The main limiting factor in construction apart from the energy cost is that all structures must be within a certain distance from the base. This keeps you and your foe from just surrounding each others base with turrets. Constructors let you circumvent this limitation by extending the spaces you can build on. The constructors themselves are still subject to being built within range of the base. If your base is destroyed you can't build anything else. This is almost always follow by death though it is technically still possible to win.

The game play amounts to balancing offense, energy collection, and defense through careful arrangements of units in both time and space, which isn't too hard or fun. That said, the game balance is fairly good so far and it feeds you a new structure every other level. The slow trickle of new options combined with the store where you can spend in game credits keeps the game just interesting enough to for me to suggest it to anybody who has an interest in RTS but a lack of plot, some issues with controls, and the complete lack of a hook force me to conclude that this isn't really a stand out work even among browser games.

5/10. You can play it here.


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