There are a few websites out there which feature objects collectively comparable by size. Simply put, you can look at things, and compare the size of them to other things -- like a blue whale to a redwood or an elephant to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The best page of this sort used to be "" but it's gone now -- and it only provided cubes representing objects, not images of objects themselves. There's the page, which slides along a scale from quarks to the Universe. I confess, I like those websites -- I love those websites!!

But what I would be keen to see would be a site with 3D renderings which users can compare for size, moving and rotating any number of them however they wish, and more importantly which users collectively can provide and identify for scaling purposes. I envision something where the user could pick whatever images they want to see, and therefromwhich go from the Planck length to the size of our entire known Universe, with a continuous flow in between (no important image would ever, ever move offscreen, they'd just shrink till they could not be seen) along as much of a 3D axis as can be made for the objects. Something like a Wikipedia for images to be compared by size.

In between its extremes, it would cover quarks and atoms and molecules and bacteria and cells and ants and gnats and grains of sand and grains of rice, various sizes of seeds, plants, insects, lizards, people, elephants, fighter jets, sharks, whales, (whale sharks?), dinosaurs, trees, a few fictional spaceships, landmark buildings, natural formations, countries, asteroids, continents, moons, planets, stars, nebulae, and on up. I would want one to have have things like pieces of technology, human organs and body parts. Did you know a humpback whale penis is ten feet long? Wouldn't you like to see that next to a T. Rex?

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