A duophonic semi-modular analog synthesizer with a 37-note keyboard.
Manufactured between 1975 and 1979, also known as Model TVS-1A.

The Two Voice is very similar to its big brother, the Four Voice. But as the name implies, The 2V uses only two independent SEM modules thus limiting the polyphony to two voices.

Several different versions of the 2V are known to exist:

  • Very early units resembled an unfinished Four Voice, with space for four SEMs in the case.
  • The most common model featured a smaller casing with room for only two modules.
  • Many units came with the simple 8-step Mini-Sequencer. It was sold separately for the other two SEM synths.
  • A version replacing the sequencer with a joystick controller is also known to exist.
  • An improved keyboard was used in later instruments, along with different transpose controls.
  • Reportedly there are also completely keyboardless units.

Information from various sources, most notably from www.synthmuseum.com

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