ORKFiA - Battlegrounds of Middle Earth

ORKFiA is a web based, massively multiplayer, turn based strategy game.
In ORKFiA you play as a leader of a tribe, fighting for control of more land and power. You can train military, explor new land to settle, use magic and of course invade other tribes.

The tribes in ORKFiA are arranged in alliances from few tribes and up to 20 tribes. Each alliance share it's research and can trade goods through a market. Also your alliance can declare war on other alliances.
You can choose between 15 different kinds of races each with his own units, advantages and disadvantages.
The turns in ORKFiA are created each hour, at the change of the hour. The more times you play each day the better your results will be.

You can play ORKFiA for free at www.orkfia.net.

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