From Operation CWAL...

OEEP, the Organization for the Enslavement of Earth's People is the antithesis of CWAL. While CWAL exists as a commando group in the best interests of the populace, the members of OEEP are as a rule more self-serving and more megalomaniacal. While none of the members are approach the power level of Maggott, they are individually stronger than the vast majority of CWALers- but only to the dramatic point often found in situations and stories where the good guys outnumber the bad guys 5 or 6-1 (before the inclusion of cannon fodder, of course).

Operating out of a reconfigured Wendy's restraunt, OEEP spends less time on grandiose schemes than other supervillains and thus is more often successful in their stated goal of controlling the Earth, considering that complex supervillain plots, as a rule of authoring (and Operation CWAL as a whole, are broken quite easily by a number of applications of Murphy's Law. OEEP is more of a "Hey, let's go spray-paint the neighbors!" group, and its members fit the random violence state of mind quite well.

Historically, OEEP was founded during the period of time after Starcraft was released, and CWAL as a whole had very few real enemies. One of the members of CWAL essentially advertised on the Player's Lounge that they needed someone to do battle with, and the members of OEEP quickly came together. However, OEEP would only last over the summer of '98, as when the higher-ups of CWAL declared that because OEEP and a number of new CWAL initiates didn't write to their specifications of "skill", they would be hereby "banished" from CWAL continuity.

In a move as much to spite CWAL as it was to continue creating works of fiction, the members of OEEP decided to create the Organization for Taking Over Worlds (called OTOW), a decisively more Starcraft-oriented continuity than CWAL was. As of now, though, OTOW has essentially passed on- mostly because a number of the members slowly introduced themselves back into continuity under an revised CWAL initiation procedure during the last few months of 1998, despite the fact that they had all been "killed" when they had been sent up to destroy a meteor headed straight for earth, re-establishing themselves in a new headquarters and essentially picking up where they had left off in their plans.

While OEEP has never had the same presence in Operation CWAL that its namesake holds, it still remains a working part that has become simply become part of CWAL. Like CARV, OEEP is random and destructive, but unlike CARV, OEEP has a method to its madness...

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