Nutrium is a new type of oil invented by the DuPont subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. It is supposed to be a healthy alternative to traditional oils used for food preparation, with extra low levels of trans fatty acids. Its full name is Nutrium tm Low Lin Soybean Oil.

It is obviously made from soybeans, and will undoubtedly be using DuPont's specially genetically engineered soybeans. Leaving aside the whole genetically modified food debate, this is good because these soybeans are low in Linolenic acid. (Linolenic acid is usually good for you, because it's a essential fatty acid. But soybean oils hydrogenate easily, and that makes them a source of bad trans fat.)

I don't think that Nutrium is on the market yet as a food additive, but it is coming soon. Kellogg's has recently announced that it plans to start using Nutrium in the near future. Right now it's mostly used in skin care products, particularly those produced by Dove. Nutrium is supposed to be good for your skin, but its big selling point is, as always, that new words sound cutting edge, and cutting edge sells.

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