When I vacationed in Grenada in 2003, I got to enjoy many nutmeg comestibles: nutmeg syrup for pancakes, nutmeg jelly and jam at high tea, and nutmeg in a number of alcoholic drinks. The Isle of Spice produces 40% of the world's annual crop of nutmeg, and even boasts a group called the Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association.

One nutmeg product we didn't try, though, was Nut-Med. While driving around the island we saw several billboards for this item, but they didn't say what it was for! We giggled about the possibility of a treatment for aching testicles, but we didn't have the courage to buy a bottle ourselves. We went home without ever finding out about Nut-Med, but we still invoke its name nearly every time someone mentions nutmeg.

Nut-Med turns out to be a pain relieving spray. It contains nutmeg oil, methyl salicylate, menthol, coconut oil, mace oil, and alcohol. The spray is suitable for joint inflammation (including arthritis), muscle aches, backache, and cramps. It comes in a two-ounce spray bottle, and is available in the original wintergreen or new peppermint. It is available directly from the manufacturer, Noelville Ltd, or in the United States via Nut-Med.com.

http://www.caribbean-connexion.com/exports/nut-med.htm (Noelville Ltd)

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