AKA lethal liqueur, bathtub cyanide, Turing's downfall or "hey, why DOES this taste so good? It's like...almonds, or something..."

Pour a pint of brandy into a Mason, or other restoppable jar. Assemble 16 peach pits, and crack them with a hammer, mashing well. Put into brandy. Allow to age for 1 month. Strain. Add 1/2 cup simple syrup and rebottle.

This smooth, flavorful, and traditionally French drink gets its name, flavor, and a bit of potency from the amygladin, or laetrile, in the peaches. When ingested, the amygladin turns into cyanide in the digestive tract...care should be taken to have only one of these...although this small amount shouldn't be harmful....
FWIW, this is rumored to be related to the process by which bourbon becomes Southern Comfort...I have friends who like it a lot, and they're all still living.

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