Nowrooz is an Iranian/Persian holiday celebrated on the spring equinox. It lasts for a whole day. The Achaemenid Dynasty of 12th B.C.E started the celebration of Nowrooz. Many symbolic rituals are performed on Nowrooz. One of them is called Chahar Shanbeh Soori. During the night, families light bonfires. Then they jump over the fire and shout something that translates to, “Your redness (health) is mine; my paleness (pain) is yours.” Many families also celebrate with fireworks.

Nowrooz symbolizes renewal and rebirth. During Nowrooz, everyone buys new clothes. Families visit friends and relatives in these new clothes. Many children run through the streets and ask for candy and treats while banging pots and pans. Families also gather around a table with items on it which symbolize a wish or theme.

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