It's one of those rare autumns that happen every decade or two. Here we are, the mid-Atlantic coastal area of the United States in the first week of November, where traditionally we're hunkering down for the kind of cold blowy days that foreshadow a long cold winter, and yet this year we are in the mid 70s, walking around in our shirtsleeves on. The trees still have their leaves, by some miracle, and they're BRIGHT. Sunglasses bright. Polaroid picture bright. Bright yellows, brilliant reds, oranges not to be believed. It is fall, and it is glorious.

My life has been cyclic in nature, and I tend to self immolate every decade or so. There is a need I have to clear away deadwood and make room for new ideas, new ways of living. It is not pleasant for those around me, but is as necessary as the air I breathe.

So I may have maybe another ten or so good years of engineering work left to do. It's gotten me thinking, how do I want to leave my mark? I'm quitting my present job at a think tank and going to work for another startup. It's the third or fourth startup I'll have worked for. The usual carrots are dangled: stock options, perhaps a small small piece of the company. This means you work your ass off in return.

The company's small: 20 people. They're a braintrust, however. Clever, smart people. At least half have master's degrees in a technical field and perhaps a quarter have their doctorates. The owner is well connected - even better connected than me, which surprised the hell out of me. Shit! Maybe I can learn something from this guy!

I know what I want to do: immediately want to hire three or four other people, also smart people, people who dazzle with their brilliance at coding, at math, at analysis, at electronic design, things worth doing like that.

It's a big, glamourous, high profile, merciless death march project for DARPA. Everyone wants to see how this company does, and what we do. My sphincter's tightening already just thinking about all the work that has to be done.

For many reasons, I won't be on here as much for the next few years. There will be bursts of E2 activity, but mostly I'll be balls to the wall at this new place. (I haven't even gotten an offer, but it feels like a sure thing.)

Oh, also planning a big conference to happen in Washington, D.C in two years. Global. It'll be fun.

The wreck of a marriage is getting revived, phoenix-like. This is a good thing. We are both much better now, especially me. Took a year's worth of separation to see the jewel of a woman she is.

And just now Mr. Iceowl is having a conversation with us in the E2 chatterbox, direct from the South Pole. How surreal!

Life is good, sometimes, in spite of best efforts to wreck it. You only live twice!

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