Antigua, Guatemala

After four days of building and painting and sanding were finally heading back. They send us to Antigua the last day so that the airport is close by on Saturday departure.

Its quieter. Were not on the main drag between fighting dogs, two brujas (witches) communicating via fireworks and the 6am wake up calls of bus drivers yelling out their eventual destinations. (CHELA! CHELA! CHELA!)

But we are decidedly beat up, dehydrated, sunburned and bug bitten. Two of us got violently ill and no it was not from the water.

We said goodbye to three families. The one whose house we tied rebar and started the foundation for and the second whose house we helped finish with final details. Two of the little girls were special needs and had been raped at "normal school". They are now in a special needs school much safer courtesy of donations. The girls, all of them, were delighted that that night they would be sleeping in a bed. A novel experience. But also their own

The third of course was the charity workers who met and arranged all parts of the trip. The familiar foreman and rebar guy. The driver who we had as a guide prior.

I will miss this gorgeous country and its wonderful people until my return.

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