Simulacron3 Maybe one vote per write-up? As a fair, if somewhat teasing incentive?
wordnerd Biggest impacts to this database aren't level 9, they're the quiet level 1s that show up, make an astounding writeup, then disappear.
kplb I am a female :)
fidomaster dtal: but why exactly is that a problem? i realize it's to discourage herd mentality and to stop 'vengeance' strikes and whatnot, but i mean within four seconds of reading something you can tell whether the e2 populace at large will generally upvote or downvote. people will always abuse the voting system. that's why it doesn't always affect xp.
Simulacron3 instant gratification is an immensely powerful manipulating force.
sam512 Well, the XP requirements are a joke, at least. The XP requirements are there to make sure you don't just node dreck or node for numbers in order to level up fast. You have to have reasonable rep nodes as well. So what's the rep threshold for L2? -7.5. That's a minus sign.
DTal Levels aren't a sham, when you consider the priveliges that go with them.
Simulacron3 We're not supposed to care if you're female, kblb.
Simulacron3 I care, of course.

I like girls.

sam512 the XP has become devalued!
wordnerd come on, guys, the levels are a joke too. The best stuff I've written ever has had low reps. The most boring crap I've ever put to the world has been the highest.

E2 is

a big dumb bear that doesn't know its own strength, but it wants to play Kodiak style.
Simulacron3 I like to tango. Do you like to tango?
sam512 But anyway, I think we have more critical, more fundamental issues to deal with before we should start fine-tuning the system.
wordnerd And it's just my opinion, but some of the highest level users are also the biggest creators of garbage that I'm uninterested in. But they write much and catbox often and so are liked. I used to be liked.
Simulacron3 Like


and keeping new members?
Simulacron3 I resemble that.
DTal I think the w/u deletion penalty should be increased to 5, or at least 4. That would tend to help


the "noding dreck for nUmberS" syndrome...

and on.. and on..

Guitars Wail!!!

Viva La Revocution Bitches!

The end is nigh, upon us. None shall escape the pestilence! Despair, all of ye!

I found the code! It's all there, plain as you can see.

I have been used and hurt, my self-esteem pummelled to dirt, for a day or two. My guitar is broken and my amp is a few miles away. I need some music to scream to.

The echoing drums begin, a hollow bass note swimming around their foundations. And suddenly a cacophony reaches out and plucks away all I've been up to the past week, discards it like toenail clippings. Pressure builds in my chest, bursting and refilling, and does not stop until that little bell stops, and the static fades away.

For eight minutes I have not moved, but my rage has destroyed and rebuilt entire cities.

Wash the Day Away - TV on the Radio

Winter is coming.

I am feeling cold.

This is not merely biology.

Warm me.

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