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On Christmas in 1989 I got an American Eagle wooden sled. I had been longing for a sled such as that for a couple years, so, in my eyes, was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes upon. And, luckily, a few days after Christmas we had a big snow. I thought it would be a wonderful time to try out my awesome sled. (1.) So i went to St. Camillus Hill, where all my friends sledded, to break it in. (2.) After going down the hill once and having a wonderful time, this younger kid asked to borrow my sled. I let him borrow it. (3.) Some of my friends had just then asked me to go to the top of the hill and ride down on their innertube, so I had no problem with him using it.

The innertube was always made for an exciting time. There were about five of us who had decided to go down the hill on the tube at once. The trip, initially, was fairly enjoyable. We bounced over a few humps in the snow and stuff, but about half-way down the hill I saw a very distressing sight...the kid I loaned my sled to was on a collision course with us!

We could not turn the innertube in time.....

(4.) The kid dove off my sled, but the sled itself was not spared. I heard a sickening *crack!* as we ran over it. (5.) I then began to cry. I cried the rest of the way down the hill, mourning the death of my sled.

The next day, having thought the ordeal of the previous day was behind me, I went outside to get the newspaper for my mother. On the front page there was an image that dredged up the memories I had tried to forget about the day before. It was a giant photo of me, on the innertube right after the collision, crying. The headline for the picture read, in all capital letters, with three exclamation points, as if to rub it in my poor little face, "FUN IN THE SNOW!!!" There was no fun to be had on that day...oh no. It was a dark day in my life, and I didn't need to Corbin Times-Tribune to rub that into my face....bastards...

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