Novell BorderManager is a firewall product that runs on a Netware server. A firewall is in short used to secure a computer network from its surrounding network connections (i.e. the Internet and others) to avoid security breaches such as hacking. In addition to protect against such vulnerabilities, BorderManager also supports secure authentication of clients that need remote access to the protected inside (by using VPN - Virtual Private Network).

BorderManager also functions as a proxy server, which means it can store a copy of visited web pages on local disk so that the next time a browser requests the page from the internet it will be accessible much faster, since only recent changes to the page needs to be downloaded from out there. From here you can also see statistics – what are the top 10 most visited pages from your network today? You can also set rules for denying or enabling access to certain URL"s or domains.

A good thing about the latest release of BorderManager is that it"s got automatic configuration default settings for filter rules (a browser-based Filter Configuration utility). The previous tool used for manual configuration of such rules (filtcfg.nlm) is now obsolete (a toast!).

Server requirements:

  • Novell eDirectory 8.6.2 or higher
  • NetWare 5.1 SP4 or higher
  • 4GB SYS volume recommended
  • Minimum 2GB dedicated CACHE volume recommended
  • 256MB RAM recommended
  • Additional 512MB RAM required when using SurfControl Content Database
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