Probably the best line from Clerks, the Animated Series. Plus, it was on the t-shirts they sold.

See, Kevin Smith and his pals were writing the script for the episode where there's an outbreak or a deadly virus in Leonardo, NJ. The problem was that in the series' third episode the writers didn't know how to introduce a town mayor for the press conference scene. The Simpsons and South Park had mayors, and they didn't know how to script a character like this in. What would he/she look like and say? Instead of making a new character, who they'd have to integrate into the series, they went with a copout, in a way, by hiding his face.

Apparently the mayor was on his way to a costume party, but had to make a sudden change of plans and go directly to the press conference. Unfortunately his hamburger costume got stuck on when his zipper jammed. From then on, it was agreed upon by the writers that the mayor would always be in some costume when making any future appearance on the show.

What's even better was the police chief who went next at the conference had to say. He was in a police costume with a gargantuan hamburger head.

Chief: Citizens of Leonardo, I too, like the mayor, was on my way to a costume party. But interesingly enough, not the same costume party. I'm able to remove my costume, but I've decided to wear it, as a protection against the outbreak. That concludes my opening remarks, I will now take questions about the virus. You there.
Reporter: Who are you supposed to be?
Chief: I'm Big Mac, the beloved constable and best friend of Ronald McDonald. Now, about the virus...
Spectator:Will this administration ever bring the hamburgler to justice?
Chief: Yes, uh, no, uh *smacks plastic head* Look, does anyone have a question about the deadly virus that could kill us all?
Guy: Could the Virus kill the grimace?
Chief: NOTHING could kill the Grimace.

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