An adventure game made by Interplay. Uses the Descent engine to create a fully 3D psuedo post-apocalyptic world.

You control Kent, just another not normal person in the town of Neutropolis. Except that in Neutropolis, not being normal is a crime. Ever since one of the city's twin rulers was mysteriously blown into a million pieces 20 years ago, the Norm Police have taken over the city, brutally enforcing normality. Anyone caught doing anything not normal is subject to imprisonment. That's where Kent finds himself. Only this time he gets a note telling him to meet a resistance group somewhere in Neutropolis...

Though Kent's a bit annoying and the plot is a bit loopy, the game is otherwise a good shot. With blatant images to modern day 'normality', silly gameplay, and a fairly good use of the Descent engine, I'd recommend it to anyone willing to search the bargain bins.

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