The Nokia 6100 is currently Nokia's lightest and smallest phone, surpassing even the Nokia 8210, yet packed with far more advanced functions. It's an impressive slice of technology and has a very futuristic feel.

The 6100 is a variant on the Nokia 7210/Nokia 6610 design. Whereas those two phones are identical with different outer shells, the 6100 is a different animal, albeit only slightly. Weighing 8g less and being 4mm less tall and wide, the 6100 is marginally, but noticably smaller, and only loses the battery draining Radio function in payment. Instead, the 6100 features Nokia's relatively useless Wallet function, that allows you to easily purchase stuff at WAP sites.

As with the 7210/6610, the 6100 has a 128x128, 4096 colour screen, and a 725 kB memory pool. All three are tri-band GSM phones.

Annoyingly, like all Nokia Series 40 Java phones, the 6100 doesn't support the optional sockets part of the Java MIDP specification, which means a lot of the interesting midlets one can find online won't run. This includes many e-mail, telnet and IRC clients. Even older Motorola phones support this protocol, hopefully Nokia will change this policy going forward.

Weight: 76g (battery included)
Dimensions: 102 x 44 x 13.5mm

Currently available colours:
To buy: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Yellowish Beige (and Silver Grey on Orange (UK))
Xpress-on: Black, White, Burgundy, Green, Grey

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