The Nokia 5170 seems (to me) to be the lowest common denominator of the Nokia 5100 series of cellular phones. It has the obligatory 40 ringtones, but no space for composing or downloading additional ones, a capacity of only 100 names/numbers in its phone book, and complete incompatibility with the interface cable that works with most of the rest of the 5100 series. However, the lack of these features means that it is one of the cheapest models of cellular phone available. It is the primary model used by the carrier Northcoast PCS, which is based in the Cleveland (Ohio) area. They offer an amazing deal - only $34.95 a month for unlimited local minutes, $10 extra for Caller ID, Call Waiting, and 3-way calling, and Long Distance (prepaid) for $.05 a minute. (If anyone else knows a better deal for cellular, please let me know.)

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