In my time here I have noticed a particular failure of the everything2 system. Namely, a failure to integrate nodes into the system where they are likely to be noticed in the softlink area. If a user cruises E2 purely by hitting softlinks, it won't seem like a serious problem, because most nodes seem well-linked. This is misleading of course, because you'll only tend to see the well-linked ones. In fact, there are many many nodes which are duplicates, misspellings, and just plain islands of nothingness in the nodegel. I'd estimate about 30% of the database is in about this condition.

I submit that it is every E2 user's responsibility to go forth from the Random Node link and bump into a poorly-linked node. For example, it is just plain negligent for Webster 1913 nodes to not even link to their synonyms. Every day, I suggest fixing up 10 nodes or more by softlinking to other relevant nodes. The nodegel will thank you for it. As always, Integrate your write-ups and link and link but help others integrate theirs too.

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