Here's the thing. For a cool geek place, Everything is sadly lacking in nodes on mathematics and computer science. Although I have noticed they tend to be rather popular, so there's obviously room for more. Besides, in these areas structure is very important, and for every node I write I run into at least a dozen more which are immediately relevant. I think some kind of loose program to go about this would enable us to cover more ground, together.

I've started out with some basic algebraic structures, and number theoretic algorithms. Mostly because they tie in to more existing stuff, what with the bias towards computer-geekness. If you feel like joining in, I'd say we need to get started with more on algebraic structures and their basic properties, simple concepts in number theory, calculus, set theory and logic (more-or-less in this order), as well as good stuff on standard algorithms (there's even some misinformation out there...) Remember we need the basic concepts, central theorems, important mathematicians (credit where credit is due!), and lots of interlinking to give people a fair chance of zeroing-in on the right concept.

Remember to (soft-)link to mathematics at least the major nodes, and also to central topics like algebra. You could also soft-link good entry-nodes here. Anyone who wants to contribute could start cruisng from here, and node where necessary. I know many nodes I saw (mine included) have links (even hard-links) to unsatisfactory nodes, or just to the void, or need additions, or should spark off a zillion ideas for nodes we need. You could also add ideas here for the overall directions we should focus on for now...

Math is good for you.

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