The Noble Collection is a website/magazine that sells, amongst other things, swords, medieval armour, samuri armor, katanas, collectable swords, daggers, broaches, jewelry, some mighty fine looking chess sets, 'The Lord of the Rings' collectables, incense burners, and letter openers.

Their selection is mostly for collection only, but there is a few pages in the magazine that actually has weapons and shields that look 'usable,' although I don't think that being used is their intended purpose. I may be wrong.

Noble Collection is most notable for their many movie contracts. They're the only company that I've seen that sells the Green Destiny from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Their most expensive sword, priced at $595, is The Imperial Sword of Ceremony, but most of the decorative swords run about $300-$400.

My personal favourite piece is the Dragon Fire Incense Burner, for $145. It features a purple serpent-like dragon hovering over a crystal ball, which is mounted on a gold pedestal. The incense burns below the crystal ball and the smoke rises and swirls within the ball. It would be rather mesmerising if I could afford it.

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