Along the rooftop he runs, gliding through
the night. But no one hears him on his way,
and yet as he gets closer, closer to
his goal, he thinks about his kid's ballet.
He silently arrives at your front door
and waits. Watch out for his great ninja sword,
it will slice you in two. He hears you snore,
defeat is something he cannot afford.
Your house is quiet as the ninja treads
through it and finds his way to your locale.
Not hesitating, he prepares his edge.
His deed now done, he leaves to see his gal.
As with you and I, ninjas too have kin
that will forgive and bear their father's sin.

This IS a Shakespearean Sonnet. Check it. Written approximately a year ago for my AP English class. Figured it was something to post for my two year anniversary of being a user on e2 (and for having only three nodes before this).

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