Nikken is a health and wellness company that was started in Japan by Isamu Masada. Isamu believed that magnets were the future of the health and wellness industry. He hired many scientists to come up with refined products so that his products could be the best in the market. Soon the company began to grow with such products as magnetic insoles and magnetic massages. When Nikken began to grow to the North American market in the 80s and early 90s, Toshizo Watanabe took over. Soon more products became available. Such as water bottles with filters in them and bed comforters with infrared technology (to absorb the heat of ones own body).

Nikken has a unique approach at selling their products. None of the merchandise can be found in stores. Instead, all the sales are made through individual people who make their own initiative in selling the products. Each Nikken sales person is under a higher up sales person. The higher up you are the more money you make. This is called network marketing. It is not a pyramid scheme, because in pyramid schemes nobody helps each other and usually the person on the bottom receives no benefits. With network marketing everybody works together to help each sales person get to the next goal. The higher-ups benefit from those under them making sales, but at the same time the higher-ups must ensure that those under them make sales. I have heard some people make lots of money because of Nikken.

Most of those involved in Nikken's industry have other jobs and Nikken is an alternate income. Almost every Nikken associate has a story of how the products help them in some way or another. Nikken's products are designed not as healing or medical instruments. They are used to keep up the parts you have, not repair them.

To many people companies like Nikken seem too good to be true. Most of them are, but Nikken seems like the real deal. I know many people who are involved with Nikken and I will just sit and wait to see what happens to them.

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