Born on June 4, 1972, Nikka Costa has always had music in her life. Her father Don Costa consorted with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, and Sammy Davis, Jr among others. As a child Nikka was in the company of such illuminaries as Quincy Jones. This company would be the inspiration in her life that would lead to the flowering musical career she is in the midst of now.

When Nikka was seven years old, she performed with her father's orchestra in Tokyo, Japan. This performance as a youth opened many doors for her. From here, she recorded her first album released it throughout Europe, the Mideast, and South America, where it went platinum in each region. A multi-platinum artist at seven years old; not too shabby.

When her father Don died, Nikka took a four year hiatus from creating new music. Having already released two 'non-US albums' and acheiving international superstardom, she spent time reflecting on her hectic life. Upon turning fourteen, she re-emerged in Germany to create a new sound and focus on her work. She eventually moved to Austraila, which is where she found her most mainstream success. She wrote new music and was eventually nomiated for the Australian Recording Industry's Best New Artist Award.

Costa ended her stint in Austraila and signed under the newly formed Cheeba Sound label. She released her US-debut album Everybody Got Their Something on the Cheeba Sound label.

I have heard two of Nikka Costa's songs at work (see: GAP). Both Like a Feather and Everybody Got Their Something have been featured on the monthly playlist at both GAP and GapKids. I found Like a Feather to be interesting in the most, however it was Everybody Got Their Something that captured my interest in Nikka Costa. I can say that her music uses a combination of eastern influences, latin beats, and an urban feel combined with and old school jazz favor to combine into an addictive sound that is very unique. Nikka has received heavy rotation on MTV2 with Like a Feather.


Everybody Got Their Something

Like a Feather
So Have I For You
Tug Of War
Everybody Got Their Something
Nikka What?
Hope It Felt Good
Some Kind Of Beautiful
Nikka Who?
Just Because
Push & Pull
Corners Of My Mind


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