Artist. Born in 1930, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. Raised in NYC. Lived in California until her death on 22 May, 2002.
If anything, Niki is unusual. Her earlier style was montage/collage mixed with religious themes. I've never quite understood what she was getting at -- she'll have alters that are covered with the various body parts of plastic dolls. They're eerie.

In later phases, her worked turned to the Nanas - large metal forms covered in polyester which resemble most often overweight women. For Niki, they were a sign of strength, maternity, warmth, compassion. In her art, men rarely show up and when they do they are most often animals. Either they are evil dragons and demons or they are birds of protection.

Niki, in that she was heavily into mysticism and Tarot, eventually developed an entire park (the Tarot Garden) in the Bretagne region of France where each of the cards of Tarot deck are presented at supra-human scale. The buildings are covered with mirrors and painted surfaces - the effect is that of a wonderland.

Although, I myself am not big into mysticism, I find Niki's art amusing and often quite impressive. It's worth a look in any case.

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