Bitches, how can there be not a node about this shit?


This be the album of the music produced fo' yo' delectation by the inimitable and otherwise excellent (yo)


Released on Landing Party Records, it is available for purchase on teh Intarweb (where else?) and can be found at:

(look for The Don's name, yo).

UPMAFUCKIN'DATE! Th' DON, in hiz WIZDOM, has placed the en-tyre-tee of this collection of jizzmanna online FO FREEZLE! GO GET that shiz!

So what's on that shizzle, mah nizzle-fizzle?

Pure heavenly fucking lyrical gold, spun outta fucking rhymes extracted from the pussy of angels by the tongue of the DON HIZZELF.


  1. Genius Pig
  2. Red Wedding
  3. Choad 1
  4. Newman's Own Suicide Mind Eraser
  5. I'm Drunk (Featuring BMcT)
  6. Back in CT
  7. Bitch's Nickname on my Cellphone
  8. Where are the Shotguns
  9. Don Trump
  10. R & B (Featuring Degoao)
  11. Homo Erectus I
  12. FDG Florist
  13. Defilestyle (Featuring Degoao)
  14. T.A.C./Seventeen Miles (Featuring Degoao)
  15. Procter and Gamble Swabbed my Baby Away (Featuring Degoao)
  16. Shithouse Love Song

All fo' a reasonable ass price! Truly, you cannot wait. Run-do-not-walk-click-do-not-drag. Buy (Hell, no, G, DOWNLOAD ALL LEGAL AND SHIT) this shiz RIGHT NOW.

That is all.

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