This Federation class of starship is easily one of the coolest on Star Trek. Sadly, it never got that much attention, which is unfortunate- it's definitely an eye pleaser.

The saucer section looks quite similar to that of a Galaxy Class starship, with the bridge on top and the main shuttlebay directly behind the bridge. As a departure from the normal primary hull construction, the primary hull of the New Orleans Class starship has two Quantum torpedo launchers, one on each side of the bridge, which are massive and unmistakable- they look more like canons than anything else and quite intimidating.

The secondary section is where the "coolness" factor comes in. Instead of the sweeping nacelles and sloped secondary hull as seen on the Galaxy Class starships, the secondary hull of the New Orleans Class has the nacelles closely nestled to the primary hull, giving the look of a compact, powerful ship with incredible manueverability. And the ship's look doesn't in the least belie what your first impressions might be- it is compact, powerful and extremely nimble in combat situations. On the underside of the secondary hull is a third Quantum torpedo launcher, just beneath the deflector dish.

Originally classified as a "Frigate" class starship, the New Orleans Class is actually capable of being refitted for different mission types, much like the Nebula Class Starship. Its primary mission parameters, however, typically include border scouting, defensive/offensive battle and armed escort.

You can find pictures of the New Orleans Class Starship easily on the 'net. Either do a Google Image search for the name of the starship class or look under "USS Kyushu". It truly is a sweet ship to behold- one of my favorites.

Crew complement: 260
Ships built / Remaining in service: 52/37
Weapons: 8 Type IX Phaser arrays; 3 Quantum Torpedo launchers
Maximum cruising speed: Warp 9.6 (as of 2367)
Mass: 1.67 million metric tons
Length: 360 meters
Decks: 16

Ships in service:

  • USS New Orleans--------NX 57288-------Operational
  • USS Lisbon----------------NCC 57355-----Operational
  • USS Rutledge-------------NCC 57295-----Operational / Refit
  • USS Walker----------------NCC 57820-----Operational
  • USS Oceana---------------NCC 61612-----Operational / Refit
  • USS Kyushu---------------NCC 65491-----Destroyed
  • USS Orleans--------------NCC 62745-----Operational
  • USS San Antonio-C-----NCC 61872------Destroyed
  • USS Philadelphia--------NCC 62123-----Destroyed
  • USS Pearson-------------NCC 62223-----Destroyed
  • USS Thomas Paine-----NCC 65530-----Operational / Refit
  • USS Valencia-B----------NCC 63012-----Operational
  • USS Balmoral------------NCC 57290-----Operational
  • USS Dundee--------------NCC 69522-----Destroyed
  • USS Musashi-------------NCC 65075-----Operational
  • USS Louisiana-----------NCC 65781-----Operational
  • USS Indiana--------------NCC 61054-----Operational / Refit
  • USS Hudson-A-----------NCC 61085-----Destroyed
  • USS Sacramento--------NCC 65661-----Operational / Refit
  • USS Mobile----------------NCC 58011-----Operational
  • USS Manson--------------NCC 65262-----Operational / Refit
  • USS Gloucester----------NCC 65617-----Destroyed
  • USS Emerson------------NCC 61913-----Operational
  • USS Renegade----------NCC 63102-----Operational
  • USS Devout---------------NCC 67576-----Operational
  • USS Bersatra-------------NCC 68210-----Operational
  • USS Lille-------------------NCC 58617-----Operational
  • USS Hemingway-------NCC 68845-----Destroyed
  • USS Dark Horse---------NCC 58078-----Destroyed
  • USS Taurus---------------NCC 60375-----Operational
  • USS Heron----------------NCC 62058-----Operational
  • USS Unicorn--------------NCC 67339-----Operational
  • USS Libra-----------------NCC 73880-----Operational
  • USS Warsaw-------------NCC 75803-----Operational
  • USS Dresden-B---------NCC 74099-----Operational
"New Orleans" was the class designation given to a kitbash model built by modelmaker Ed Miarecki for the Battle of Wolf 359 graveyard scene in the TNG episode "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II". The model was was constructed with parts from two commercial Galaxy-class model kits of differing scales, as well as some custom additions to create the appearance of a ship much smaller than the Galaxy class but of similar design.

The only New Orleans class ship ever seen onscreen was the USS Kyushu (NCC-65491). The only other notable ship of the New Orleans class was the USS Rutledge (NCC-57295), which was commanded by Captain Benjamin Maxwell during the Federation-Cardassian War of the 2350s and upon which Miles O'Brien served as tactical officer early in his career. The Rutledge was never shown onscreen, however.

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