4 track EP released by Manic Street Preachers. Ian Ballard, manager of Damaged Goods records, was so impressed by an early Manics gig that he offered them a deal there and then. The result was the four track 'New Art Riot' CD. It's a great EP, with the Manics sounding assured and intelligent in a way that they never really recaptured until The Holy Bible. The music is simple, uncluttered Clash-style punk, and the lyrics are perfectly encapsulated examples of teenage rage and alienation ("I want to wake to a shot parade of wealth / and take a spraycan to my useless vote" from Teenage 20/20)

There were only 1,000 copies originally printed, but the band still managed to storm into the UK charts at number 137. Ironically, Damaged Goods have often relied on re-releasing 'New Art Riot' to pay the bills.

The Tracks:

  1. New Art Riot
  2. Strip It Down
  3. Last Exit On Yesterday
  4. Teenage 20/20

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