Neurobox is a very talented, unique, independent band originally from the greater New York area. Recently (October, 2001), the band has relocated to Los Angeles. Their sound is best compared to the likes of Mr. Bungle, Dredg, Tool, and earlier work of System of a Down. Their style is eerie and at times downright spooky. The best example of this would be their song "CPR" in which the lyrics instruct the listener how to perform the act of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Many of their songs off of their full album Eve, and various tracks off of their demos are available for free download on

The band consists of the following members:

  • Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist - K’noup
  • Lead guitarist, keyboardist, and backup vocals - Joe Mapplebeck (Until 7/22/02)
  • Bass Guitar - Carlos Alvarado
  • Drums - "H"
  • Discography:


    1. Stephen King's Little Langoliers
    2. Temper
    3. Terminal 39
    4. Boeing '93
    5. The Whistler Rises
    6. Ocho the Lovebud
    7. The Whistler Drops
    8. Toy
    9. Alas; the Submarine Walls Speak
    10. CPR
    11. The Gibbering Mr. Success
    12. NYC
    13. A Mafioso's Daily Agenda
    14. Amen
    15. Abracadabra
    16. Simply Hailing a Cab
    17. Boo Banana
    18. Hollywood Cafe
    19. Infomercial Colon
    20. 1323
    21. Charmer
    22. Zebra
    23. San Michele
    24. Closing Credits

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