Review: Nerf SplitFire

Initial reaction: Man they make this thing hard to get out of the box. Presumably so the geeks at Fry's can't just break em out and start fighting. It has two cable ties firmly holding the whole package together. Solution? Leatherman.

The gun is a iMac green (iGun?) with space for two shots to be loaded in the front. Additionally, there is space for two spare shots on the side of the gun. The Ammo stingily included is 2 x "suction" and 2 x "whistling. The ammo is actually a hollow Nerf tube about 4 inches long, with a different tip for "suction" or "whistling.

Initially, naturally not bothering with TFM, moa loads and fires. Very disappointing. Moa then notices the obvious pump handle, pumps it, fires again. Again disappointing. This time moa pushes the ammo (labeled "Whistling") into both chambers, pumps until he can pump no more, then fires.


moa is pleased to report that at a range of aproximately 22 feet, moa was able to place two "suction" projectiles firmly about 8 feet off the ground. Where, after about 10 seconds they fell to the floor.

Exited by this, moa reloaded with "whistling" and promptly scared the cat off (sorry george).

For the price ($15 from thinkgeek), this is well worth it. I abhore guns, but man, some geeks have it coming...

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