Neill Corlett is a God in the emulation community. He was the project leader behind one of the most ambitious ROM hacking projects of all time, that of translating Seiken Densetsu 3 to English. He has also lead or helped a great number of other ROM hacking / translation projects, and made a few excellent and popular programs and file formats.

Here are some of the man's projects:

Although Neill is not that active in the emulation community, the patches and utilities he has created (in particular the SD3 translation and PlayStation Sound Format have got him a huge amount of respect. The fact that other translation projects go to him for help on tough areas is proof enough of this.

His site is located at - cheers to nanashi for pointing this out to me. All the stuff mentioned here is downloadable from there, and I'm sure he has plenty more interesting projects up his sleeve for the future. He has a hint right now on his front page that PSF2 is coming soon...

Playing some of the translations he's made.

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