PSF music files are basically songs from Playstation games, except in incredibly small sizes while still maintaining game level quality. It's an excellent way to listen to songs you love but are too lazy to download an mp3 of.

To play them, you'll need the Highly Experimental Winamp plugin (, and, if you don't already have it, Winamp itself ( There's a readme file included in the Highly Experimental zip file, which basically says put the plugin into the Winamp plugin folder, then restart Winamp. Winamp will automatically load the plugin, and you can now listen to PSF music (as well as minipsf files, although I have no idea what the difference is).

I don't really know many places to get the actual music files, but is always a good place to start.

The files take a half second or so to load on my computer, but it has a 533 mhz processor, so I can't really say if it would do the same for any decent computer. Another kind of strange thing is that you can't skip ahead in the songs normally. You can try to make it skip to a certain spot, but it will just stop playing and move ahead faster than normal until it reaches where you want it to go.

Other than that, the music is pretty good quality, and it's quite pleasing to get an hour of music in a 1 megabyte file.

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