The Necrons are one of the races in Warhammer 40K. They consist of the remanants of the ancient Necrontyr, and are controlled by the C'tan. They were first introduced in White Dwarf 217, and much of the updated material and minatures were released at the time of White Dwarf 271.

A Necron Warrior appears humanoid, but is entirely mechanical. Their construction appears to be based upon the skeletal structure of humans, or similar races. The metallic materials from which they are made are very tough, but not so tough as the Imperium's finest. This toughness, coupled with the mechanical nature leads to the We'll be Back! rule.

At the start of every Necron turn, damaged Necrons may self-repar. Roll a D6 for every Necron capable of self-repair. On a roll of 1-3 remove the model as normal. On a roll of 4-6, the Necron is repaired, and stands back up with 1 Wound remaining.

Asside from the basic warriors there are several other types of Necrons.

  • Necron Lords are more advanced warriors, occupying command positions.
  • Scarabs are small mechanical insect type troops that fly around and jam the equipment of the enemy.
  • Immortals, while not actually immortal are like more heavily armed Warriors.
  • Destroyers have anti-grav capabilities, and are armed similarly to Immortals.
  • C'tan themself are also available, acting as commmanders, being superior to all the Necrons.

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