Naum Gabo was born in Briansk, Russia in 1890.

Gabo took up sculpture in 1914. He was soon producing cubist like heads and various other body parts, using metal, transparent plastics, cardboard, and celluloid.
In the early 1920's, in Moscow, Gabo helped found the constructivist movement, which encouraged sculptors to use industrail materials, instead of the traditional materials.

In the mid 1920's Gabo moved to Germany.
Naum Gabo started experimenting with new art forms based on space and time. He also started creating art work with moving pieces on it, called kinetic sculpture.

During World War two, Naum Gabo was living in London.
By this time he had already experimented with architectural works, such as a plastic buildings.

By 1946, Gabo was living in the United States of America.
He died there in 1977.

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