A kick ass summer camp located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or more specifically Vesuvius, Virginia (USA). Everyday for two weeks you wake up at 7am to Revelee. Everyone scrambles to the Rec Field for Flag Raising and the Pledge of Allegiance. After that they have breakfast then go to class. Classes are taught by the counselers (who are usually college students). From the top of my head, it's been awhile, subjects can be:

Conservation Literature
Wildlife Art
Wilderness Survival

After class campers get a free time to go hiking, swimming, reading, work on reports, eat candy, etc until lunch. Immediately after lunch there's Rest Period where all the campers are stuck in bunkhouses while counselers get some sleep. Most kids take the time to write home, play cards (Egyptian Rat Screw, Hearts, BlackJack, and Poker being the favorites), or work on reports for classes. Class again after Rest Period, and again after that Afternoon Rec. Just before dinner campers assemble on the Rec field once again for Flag Lowering. A short Rec time after dinner is followed by Evening Program where you sing songs and watch a movie (or listen to a lecture). Then sleeptime!

Right after Chapel on Sunday campers go on all day hikes with counselers. In the seven (eight?) summers I've been there, not once did we not get lost on our hike- except for maybe water hikes where we just followed the river... The worst hike to go onto is the Mystery Hike. Mystery Hikes always get extremely lost and always someone ends up getting stung by a few dozen bees.

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