The National Youth Council of Australia (NYC for short) is an organization established by Scouts Australia designed to give the youth of Australia a say in the way the Australian Scouting Movement is run.

It is in some ways similar to the National Youth Round Table, except that it only relates to Scouts Australia.

According to the official blurb, the role of the National Youth Council is to:
Advise on the relevance of Youth Program to young people
Advise Scouts Australia and external agencies of internal and external issues it should address
Provide further youth input into all strategies including membership and marketing
Be a sounding board for new initiatives
Make recommendations to national committees

Members come from every Branch of Scouts Australia, and are divided into 4 patrols:
Brownsea Island patrol
Frankston patrol
Gilwell Park patrol
Olympia patrol
They also divide into 5 working groups, Education and Employment, Youth Health, Technology, Environment, and Marketing.

Every member of the council has a 3 year term, during which they get 3 fully paid trips to the meeting venue, Pennant Hills Scout Camp, in Sydney. The camp lasts for 3 days, going from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. During that time, various important issues are addressed by the council, there is a trip into the city on Saturday Night, and there is Fantastic Camp Food cooked by Scouters who appear to be professional chefs (Such things as Fresh baked Scones with Jam and Cream, Beef Roast, and Fresh Baked Subwitches are made, as a matter-of-course. The food alone makes it worth joining).

All members get a laminated name badge as well as a National Scarf, as they are representitives of the whole Scouting youth of Australia. They also get to get a little dis-satisfied with the way the old fogies in charge of vast parts of Australian Scouting run things, as you get privy to some confidential data they don't release to the general public. To become a member, a Membership form is available from the Scouts Australia website, as the yearly membership intake happens around March and April. 10 members are accepted every year, as 10 old members leave the council.

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