Chris Rock's uber-cool SNL character. Had a huge afro and was wonderfully irate at the man. Couched as a 70's soul brother type, and funny as hell, Nat X, while seemingly dated and retro is actually very relevant. Dizamm, I miss Nat. "Power, Brothers!"

Some of Chris Rock's finer moments, as an irate ├╝bersoul brother (a caricature of 60s True Believer Black Power activists, shouting "Amen!" or "Go on, brother!", even if Eldridge was just sneezing or reciting the phone book) talk show host with a hyperactive bullshit detector. Nat time warped from 1972 to the 90s fully intact - a real Nat X would have grey hair, maybe dreadlocks or close-cropped. If he had a dime to his name, he'd have lost the dashiki long ago.

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