One tablet three times a day. Small red tablets that had a vitamin pill-like taste. I know that everytime I went to collect my prescription from the chemist I was constantly told that they would have to order it for me. It was regarded as an old school drug to treat depression as this was the era of Prozac and the other SSRI type medications.

Stood in the midst of Boots I was asked by some snotty pharmacy graduate why I wasn't prescribed the newer sort of drugs that were available like Seroxat, Cipramil or Effexor... Going redish angry I just thought how crap it was to be a kid with depression.

Nardil was possibley the only antidepressant that actually helped the symptoms of my depression. Nardil made my blood pressure go so low that the blackouts my eyes experienced grew to a bad fainting patch that occured whilst at my part-time job. I was taken off nardil after that and switched to one of the 'newer'drugs. Not eating cheese was tough as I didn't eat much anyway, but you can drink gin as it is a pure spirit!

As with most neurotic states of depression the patient will know when the symptoms are coming back. I visited my GP and asked for Nardil. As it is a restricted medication, prescribed only by psychiatrists in Britain, I was given a dose of useless antidepressants and a heap of councilling. If you have depression purely from a cause of brain chemical imbalances, talking is a waste of time as there is rarely a particular 'thing' or event that is making you and makes you bad, mad and sad.

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