Nantasket Beach sits at the edge of the growing town of Hull, Massachusetts. Nantasket is basically the summertime mecca of the inhabitants of the "South Shore"(southern suburban Boston area). The beach offers almost enough room for suburbanites to tan, splash around, surf/bodysurf, fly kites, and whatnot. There is a lifeguard on duty during peak swimming hours from June to September, and no dogs are allowed on the beach during the summer season. One of the least polluted beaches in the area, it is really the only reliable swimming beach on the South Shore, despite the long shoreline south of Boston.

Near the beach, the amusement industry has taken firm root. Among the remains of Paragon Park, the amusement park that graced the shoreline of what is now Hull (then known as Nantasket) until the 1980's when the park was sold and most of the space converted to condominiums.

Today the shore is dotted with arcades, pizza shops, restaurants, bars and specialty shops like Sea Side Kites and a few small art galleries. The area slightly further from the beach is built up with condos, small beach cabins, and an enormous hotel-apartment-restaurant-spa complex. The paragon carousel survives to this day, along with many of the statuettes and playground equipment left over from Paragon Park.

Fort Revere Park
The nearby Fort Revere Park provides a more historical form of recreation, with its over eight acres of land. Guests can visit the remains of colonial seacoast fortifications, a historical water-tower, and a military history museum, in addition to picnic and playground facilities. Occasionally events like concerts and outdoor movie showings are held here. Alcohol is strictly prohibited to promote a family atmosphere.


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