A game, played by an elitist society of trivia masters hell-bent on recognition among their peers. Tend not to consume as much beer as regular pub patrons due to the fact they have both hands on the "fun-box". Those players who do not have players-plus points are considered serfs and peasants. There are certain societal implications that come with the title of players-plus
i.) dating between classes is prohibited
ii.) sections of the bar are restricted to players-plus members
iii.) old men always must always win, it's all they have.

How the game is played;
i.) Trivia questions appear on the television via satellite link
ii.) The players must enter their selection from a given list of answers
iii.) A perfect answer is worth 1000 points. Clues to the incorrect questions appear on the television as time goes by and the number of points given for a correct answer is decreased as a function of time passed. An incorrect answer cost the player 250 points.
iv.) The players with the most cumulative points at the end of a 15 question round wins the session

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