The "New Irish Republican Army", also known as the "Real IRA".

A radical terrorist group that was formed in November 1997 by some members of the Provisional IRA that wouldn't accept IRA's newly called cease-fire.

NIRA has been responsible for dozens of terrorist attacks causing at least thirty deaths. A cease-fire was issued in 1998, but it has since been broken on numerous occasions.

National Import Racing Association. As you may have guessed, it is a Drag Racing organization. Events held all around the country, NIRA is one of the biggest domestic drag racing organizations in the USA.
Pro Class are often faster then street catagorys, and allow for more modification. The following are all Pro Classes:
Street Class cars are basic, nearly stock vehicles. The numbers refers to the number of cylinders the vehicle has, Comp is no super/turbo charger. Super allows an engine swap or a Supercharger, but no turbo. Power allows turbocharger, supercharger, engine swap, and/or nitrous.The following are all street classes.
A Complete list of rules is available at there website, along with upcoming events, times, and a list of winners. NIRA gives away significant cash prizes ($50,000 per event) and you can see some events of TV channels such as ESPN. Many companies sponsor these events, most of which can be found at the NIRA website.
NIRA website is
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