Mypos is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea from which sheep herder Balki Bartokomous comes from on TV's Perfect Strangers. Balki left Mypos to travel to the USA to and find his cousin Larry. While 99% of the series takes place in America, Mypos is often mentioned and enough information about the island can be gleaned.

Some Myposian facts:

  • Mypos is a monarchy. The royal monarch, King Ferdinand, weighs over 300 pounds. Balki attributes this to a gland problem, big bones, and his competitiveness at a jelly doughnut eating contest. Balki is 986th in line for the throne. While visiting Balki in 1991 the king dropped dead in Larry's arms, thus making Larry the new king. He quickly gave up this honor to a more capable leader. The king has his picture on both the five pigma note and the piginski, both types of Myposian currency.
  • Myposian society is rich with honor. Up until 1987 no Myposian had ever broken a promise, and the very act of promising something involves a special ceremony complete with hand gestures. Balki is the first Myposian to ever break a promise, but Cousin Larry absolved him of his shame. Shamed Myposians must wear an itchy, smelly hood made of goat fur. This hood also causes the shamed person's face to break out. On another note, Myposian custom also dictates that once a marriage proposal is offered, the wedding must take place within the next twenty four hours.
  • In 1990 a Chicago businessman offered to buy 300 acres of land on Mypos for $28 million. Balki was put in charge of negotiating by the king and could have walked away with a negotiation fee - 10% - but in the end declined the offer after he learned the land would be used for toxic waste dumping.
  • Myposians have a cure for the common cold, flu, and other illnesses. Unfortunately the cure also puts the patient into a deep sleep for a minimum of three days. The cure works on humans and most animals, including horses.
  • Myposian foods include pig snout, fish eye soup, and bibibabkas (a rich pastry) among other things. Pig snout is not fattening in itself, but the traditional toppings one puts on it make it a fatty food. Fish eye soup is a mainstay of the traditional Mypos Diet. This diet helps keep Myposians thin and athletic (except for the king). Another Myposian treat is the booglie muzacman: pig bladder stuffed with cheese. Some Myposian treats can cause illness if eaten incorrectly.
  • One of the most popular Myposian ritual customs is the Dance of Joy. It is performed by people who are experiencing great fortune. It involves a series of hops and a single jump.
  • The Myposian God of Protection is Tephlonous. It is said that anyone who survives a brush with death is protected by Tephlonous for four weeks and is invincible during this period.
  • The majority of industry and commerce on Mypos is agricultural in nature. Sheep and/or goat herding is a major industry. The sheep herders have a code of rules that they live by:
    • Never practice wolf calls while the sheep are sleeping.
    • Never eat lambchops in front of the sheep.
    • Never let them see you sweat.


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