The Myford Engineering Company

Myford Ltd (as it is now known) is one of the most famous British machine tool manufacturers.

Founded in 1934 by the late Cecil Moore, the company is still owned and run by the family in Nottingham in the UK.

Most famous for their highly regarded small lathes, their products are sought after by experimental and model engineers the world over and are manufactured to such a high standard that models dating back 40 years are still capable of producing work of exeptional quality. Their current series 7 model range can trace its roots back to the original ML7 which was first introduced in 1943 and is still in production today as the 'Super 7 Plus'.

The series 7 lathes are all 3.5" centre height and approx 24" between centres (although various 'specials' have been produced over the years which deviate from this specification). This compact size, combined with their (relative) affordability and very high standard of manufacture makes them ideal for use in a home workshop, for a wide variety of machining tasks.

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